Raul Lopez - Heal the Boy and the Man will Appear, Raul Lopez Jr,
Raul Lopez Jr.
Author, Speaker, Coach
Founder Live Again Co.
John 14:12

     Raul's passion to help people comes from a life of confusion and pain. In Raul's early years he lived a happy, carefree life in a loving mended family, enjoying farm life. Raul’s fondest memories from his early years were from enjoying nature with his Dad, spending many happy hours together and sharing a bond that Raul thought was unbreakable. 

     Torn from, then abandoned by his father at the age of 7, Raul became broken and filled with hate.  He was confused and misunderstood by friends, family, and society. That confusion lead him to drugs by the age of 9, gangs and conceiving his first child at age 13. From there, he started getting incarcerated, living in institutions or on the streets, including juvenile and adult corrections, half-way houses, eventually finding himself locked up in San Quentin State Prison..............


Personal life challenges while growing up created a passion in Raul to guide lost kids back to an enjoyable childhood. A common misconception is, troubled kids are bad kids. Through personal experience I know kids are full of love. Trouble derives from confusion. We are not taught how to understand our emotions or communicate how we feel. Traumatic life events stir emotions. Emotions dictate how we feel. If we are not taught how to understand and express our emotions we become confused. Confusion leads to frustration, ager and hatred, which are more emotions we do not understand yet are easily communicated. They are not bad kids, they are in need of a mentor, a counselor or a coach. 

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